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vamp lips

The vamp lip – everything you need to know about choosing and applying the perfect shade

Autumn is in full flow and amongst the pumpkin-spiced Baileys, firework displays and whisper of Christmas, the vamp lip is just about everywhere at this time of year – aided no doubt by the Kylie Jenner reign.

Vampy lips add drama to your favourite party season dress, and contrary to what many people think – every skin tone can wear this dramatic lip trend, as long as they stick to a few easy-to-follow rules.

So here’s a simple guide to choosing and applying a vamp lip…

If you have a… fair or light skin tone

First things first, if you have fair skin, be sure to warm up your cheeks with a subtle blush to avoid looking too gothic or washed out. Those of your with gorgeous fair skin also need to be more aware of the undertones. If your undertones are cool, then choose rich berry shades that have a hint of the blue to them. If you have fair skin with warm or neutral undertones, opt for deep plum and rich violet shades.

If you have a… medium skin tone

Lucky you! Medium skin tones have a wide range of lipstick options available. From wine red to brick red, oxblood and burgundy—you can’t go wrong! If you do sway towards the cooler side, opt for a deeper plum, while maroon shades complement warmer skin tones (Makeup.com)

If you have a… olive skin tone

The vamp lip was made for you. You can wear any shade and look fantastic. Browns and mauves are particularly lovely on olive skin tones. Go as dramatic as you dare, this is definitely your trend to wear!

If you have a… dark skin tone

We love purple on a dark skin tone, although deep berry shades and plums are also particularly lovely. According to Makeup.com, if your skin tone is on the warmer end of the spectrum, choose a shade with brown undertones. If your skin runs on the cooler end, opt for vamp shades with blue undertones.


How to apply the vamp lip

1: Apply a lip primer

2: Add a touch of concealer to create a lovely clean working space. The concealer will also give you the best finished colour.

3: Line this lips with a liner that matches your lipstick or an invisible liner – this step is really important, you don’t want the shade to bleed out.

4: Apply your lipstick. See above for the shades you should go for.

5: Clean up the edges of the lip with a cotton swab and makeup remover. If you want a really sharp edge then use a touch of concealer on a small brush.

6: Apply a matte gloss over the lips to seal in the colour.

We’d love to see pictures of you wearing the vamp lip shade. Do you have any favourite colours to recommend? Perhaps you have a great tip for making the dark shades last?

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