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blue monday

Turn Blue Monday Around With SkinBase

The third Monday of January is the most depressing day of the year. Known as Blue Monday, it is considered the worst day for your mental health. Cold weather, post-Christmas financial gloom and broken New Year’s resolutions can all lead to low motivation levels. With no holidays on the horizon how can we deal with this January slump?Don’t let Blue Monday defeat you – prepare yourself with SkinBase. If you are feeling down, what better way to lift your spirits than with a relaxing SkinBase treatment? Our facials will give you the boost you need this Blue Monday. 

Collagen Lift 

CL leaves you with firmer more youthful skin. Like a hot stones massage, you will also leave feeling relaxed and refreshed. A ceramic wand delivers waves of radio frequency energy which heats the deeper levels of skin. The heat tightens the skin fibres and collagen production gets a boost. This kickstarts a reversal of the ageing process. Ideal for loose and sagging skin, one treatment will deliver instant results. A course will deliver long-term results which can last for up to 2 years. CL is not only for the face either. It can be done on any part of the body you feel needs a lift! It rejuvenates and sculpts – and will give you the boost you need this Blue Monday. 


If you’re feeling lacklustre and tired try our award-winning SkinBase Microdermabrasion Treatment. Our MD facial exfoliates all the dead skin away leaving you glowing and ready for action. A jet of fine crystals passes over the skin removing all the dead skin cells on the skin’s surface. A small vacuum sucks up all the debris. This action resurfaces the skin and encourages blood flow to the surface. You will see the difference in one treatment but for real results book a course. Then you will achieve a true SkinBase glow and get to relax every week! Don’t let Blue Monday get you down. Book a SkinBase treatment and boost your appearance – and your mood. Combine these treatments with a brisk walk in the fresh air and a feel-good movie to curb the blues.  Find Your Nearest Therapist.

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