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Treat Someone with SkinBase Skincare 

We really can’t believe that it’s almost that time of year already, but Christmas is fast approaching! If you haven’t yet started to think about gift ideas for those special people in your life, now is a great time to take a look at our shop and peruse our professional range of skincare products. 

Let’s take a look at the goodies!

3D Lifting Cream £65

This is a must for any skincare addicts as it’s packed full of age busting ingredients and it comes beautifully packaged – we will even giftwrap it for Christmas! 3D Lifting is a fresh, fast-absorbing cream containing natural, sophisticated, and innovative anti-ageing components that will help your skin to regain its firmness and elasticity while reducing the appearance of deep wrinkles. Ultra-Filling Spheres™ effectively help to fill deep wrinkles and expression lines. Argan Oil boosts this cream, and with the help of high levels of Vitamin E, the cream also protects the skin from free radicals. This magic cream makes skin become firmer and smoother with a silky, more youthful appearance. 

3d lifting cream single

Homecare cream £28.50

Perfect for use alongside our treatment courses, this little wonder also has an SPF 30 included so it’s a great every day preventative cream to take care of all skin types – all year round. This little beauty comes boxed, it simply needs wrapping with a little bow on top and you have yourself a great Christmas present for someone special. 

SkinBase Gift Card £50 – £500

Not quite sure what to buy for the person that already has everything!? A SkinBase gift card is the way to go so that they can use it on a course of their fave treatments and products.  

The SkinBase salon professional products are high-quality and have been formulated with gentle soothing properties in a skincare laboratory in Barcelona. Free from MI, Vegan, and cruelty-free. Ideal for use during and after a course of SkinBase treatments as well as everyday use. Head to our shop now to see what goodies you can find!

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