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Believe in transformation: January double win

Transformation 24: January Double Win

We have kicked off our first Transformation of the Year 2024 voting with a January Double win! It was very close between the top two in the therapist choice, with just one single vote taking the winning entry to victory. That fabulous transformation was also voted by the public as January’s favourite, sending the client and therapist through to the final. 

January Double Win 

January Double Win: Rebecca Willshee


Rebecca Willshee Nail and Beauty Specialist

SkinBase Therapist Rebecca Willshee, a finalist from last years competition, is through to the transformation 24 final after a January double win with a fantastic Collagen Lift body treatment. Becky said: “It has been such an experience seeing my ladies tummy change so dramatically over the 6 weeks, her tummy has not only lifted, but reduced as well! Watching her confidence soar is a huge highlight of this course, the results are just incredible.” 

After her win, she continued: “Thanks to everyone that voted! My client is over the moon to have won! This treatment has literally been amazing for her and if you don’t have the collagen lift machine yet, or maybe sitting on the fence still deciding, I think these results and everyone else who entered this month speaks volumes! Incredible results and the bit that makes it all worth while….her confidence is back.” 


Client Testimonial:

“I can’t believe what a difference 6 sessions have made. I’ve always hated my tummy as I’ve never been slim, and since having kids and losing weight, never did I think I’d have a flatter tummy and the confidence to buy a bikini for my next holiday! And the results just keep coming still after my last one. I’ve had compliments on how much flatter my tummy is and no longer have ‘the bulge’ where my bottoms would dig in. I feel so so much better after having this treatment.”


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