Transformation 2024: January Entries 

The Transformation of the Year competition is back – and bigger than ever this year. We have received our first batch of January entries, and some fabulous results have been achieved. Let’s take a look.

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The Transformation of the Year competition is back – and bigger than ever this year. We have received our first batch of January entries, and some fabulous results have been achieved. Let’s take a look.


SkinBase Transformation of The Year 2024

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Collagen Lift x 6

Just Beauty

The first of many fabulous January entries, this fabulous facial transformation is from SkinBase Therapist Lou at Just Beauty. Here’s what her client thought:

Client Testimonial: “I was hopeful these new Facials might help improve my rather gaunt appearance after the diet  – so I signed up for the recommended course of Collagen Lift facials. Right from the start this facial was a very different experience! When I got home I noticed a glow to my skin. By the time I was half way through the course my dry skin condition had softened and I felt a firmer texture around my neck and jawline. After the last facial treatment my skin had improved by more than I ever imagined it could. The lines on my face had lessened and my cheeks seemed to be filling out. I have been delighted with the results of the Collagen Lift Facial Course.  Thanks to Just Beauty!”


Collagen Lift x 6

Rebecca Willshee

A fabulous body transformation from SkinBase Therapist Rebecca Willshee to add to the January entries. Her client has had such a confidence boost since having the Collagen Lift treatment. Here’s what she thought:

Clients Testimonial: “I can’t believe what a difference 6 sessions have made. I’ve always hated my tummy as I’ve never been slim, and since having kids and losing weight, never did I think I’d have a flatter tummy and the confidence to buy a bikini for my next holiday! And the results just keep coming still after my last one. I’ve had compliments on how much flatter my tummy is and no longer have ‘the bulge’ where my bottoms would dig in. I feel so so much better after having this treatment.”


Microdermabrasion x 6 

JC Facialist

The January entries would not be complete without a fabulous Microdermabrasion facial! Fantastic results from Jacqui at JC Facials.

Client Testimonial: “I have suffered with my skin quite badly ever since I was a teenager and flare ups make me feel upset and extremely self conscious. I am getting married in May and started seeing Jacqui to try and get my skin under control with a series of microdermabrasion treatments. I actually felt the treatments were really relaxing and I loved how clean and fresh my skin felt after. In terms of results, I honestly couldn’t be happier. My skin looked fresher, brighter, my scarring had reduced, and was so much clearer of breakouts (Any breakouts I did have, would clear up as quick as they appeared). Not only externally did we see huge improvements, I really felt the internal benefits too – I actually left the house without makeup and my confidence with my skin has massively improved all thanks to Jacqui and the microdermabrasion treatments!”

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Collagen Lift x 6 

Perry’s Beauty

Perry from Perry’s Beauty entered this fabulous Collagen Lift arm transformation, offering even more versatility to the January entries.

Client Testimonial: “I’ll definitely be back for top up treatments to sustain the results. So happy, thank you. Having always taken care of my appearance, and been very grateful that people never believe my true age (71) and that I’m a great grandmother of three children, I had become increasingly alarmed at the crepiness of my upper arms. So ageing and so difficult to reverse.I was delighted when Perry suggested a treatment that had tried and tested results – and even more delighted when the course of treatments worked for me.Amazing results – I felt and looked like the wrinkly skin I hated so much had been “ironed” smooth!!”

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