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Top tips for healthy hair…

Having healthy hair is something we all lust over, I’m sure we’ve all looked enviously at someone else’s luscious locks! Here at SkinBase, we talk a lot about the impact amazing skin can have on upping the confidence levels, but having fantastic locks can also have a big role to play. After all, hair is such a big part of who we are; it helps to frame the face, highlights your own unique style, so it makes sense we want it to be perfect. Check out these tips for amazing hair, every day!

Establish a routine

While we talk about the importance of establishing a beauty routine for your skin on a regular basis here at SkinBase, it is also a good idea to have one for your hair to suit your specific hair type, look, and style. Do your research and try a few different styles before figuring out what’s right for you. It may take a little effort in the beginning but it will be worth it in the end, especially when your hair looks great, every single day.

Give your hair the nutrients it needs

We are what we eat and this doesn’t just relate to our skin, but also our hair. What you put in your body has a huge effect on your hair. Fatty acids such as the omega-3 groups are essential in making your hair look great, but the bonus is they will also make your skin and nails look great. You need plenty of B vitamins too, from B-6 to B-12, not to mention folic acid. Fresh vegetables and fruits are important as is lots of healthy protein.

Use cool water

While this can be hard, especially in winter months, washing your hair with cool water can help leave your hair feeling fantastic and give it an amazing shine, unlike hot water which can strip the hair of moisture.

Try not to wash hair every day

Believe it or not, one key to having fantastic hair every day is to avoid washing it every day. We’re not suggesting you go the whole week or anything, but instead, just switch it up slightly and try washing your hair every other day, sometimes even every two days if you don’t have oily hair. Your hair needs those oils, however, so you shouldn’t scrub them out all the time.

Gently does it

Rather than scrubbing and rubbing it dry with your towel, just squeeze the water out and blot your hair dry. Rubbing is too harsh, and it can make you lose a surprising amount of hair. Naturally, you can blow dry your hair, but don’t overdo it at the risk of drying out your hair. If you can, just let it air dry, naturally.

Leave-in conditioner

Leave-in conditioners can be extraordinarily helpful in the journey to fantastic hair. They penetrate quite deeply, and can thus leave your hair rich, healthy, soft, and smooth. You only need to do it about once a week, but more is okay too.

Regular trims

Finally, keeping your hair trimmed is helpful as well. Obviously, this is a bit difficult at the moment, but ideally, you should get a trim every six to eight weeks to get rid of any dead ends.


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