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believe in brighter skin: dull skin guide

The Ultimate Guide to Dull Skin

The weather may be dull – but your skin doesn’t have to be. If you are suffering with a tired, lacklustre appearance, you can get your skin ready for spring with SkinBase. The Ultimate Guide to Dull and Tired Skin has everything you need to banish dull skin and get your glow back.  

What is Dull Skin?

If your skin has an inability to reflect light well, or simply lacks radiance, you may be dealing with dull skin. Lacklustre skin may be characterised by uneven texture and dryness, as textured skin finds it even more difficult to reflect light. Unlike some other concerns, dull skin affects all skin types and has a number of causes. 

Dull Skin Causes

Below are two common causes of dull skin. Find out more in the guide


The natural ageing process can wreak havoc on the skin if you are not taking any preventative steps. The steady supply of collagen and elastin that give your skin its youthful glow gradually decline as you age. As well as this, the cell turnover process also slows down as we age, resulting in a build up of dead skin cells on your skin. These factors, combined with environmental factors such as a build up of excess sun exposure, pollution and dehydration, can result in dull, uneven skin.   

Lack of Sleep

If your skin is tired, it could be because you are. If you are busy at work and in your personal life, but you are not taking time to relax and recharge, your dullness is your body signalling to you to take a step back. Generally, most people need around 8 hours sleep to look and feel good. If you are consistently averaging much less than that, you need to make some changes. 

How to Rejuvenate Dull Skin

You may think it is easier to ignore your complexion altogether, and fix the problem by covering up in glowing makeup. However, the best base for makeup is healthy skin, and with our top tips, you won’t need to cover up your skin at all. Find out what you can do in the Ultimate Guide. 

The SkinBase Ultimate Guide

Download the guide here to find out more. In the guide, we discuss reasons for and causes of dullness, the best ways to tackle lacklustre skin – and the worst! As an added bonus, we also include nutrition tips. So you can drink yourself to glowing skin with a delicious super smoothie! Download the guide now to find out how. 

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