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The non-surgical solution for sagging jowls

The non-surgical solution for sagging jowls

Facial sagging is something no one looks forward to, and many of us actively dread. Jowls are a very obvious sign of ageing. Unlike wrinkles or lines, at first glance, sagging skin looks impossible to fix without resorting to extreme measures like surgery. However, we have good news! You don’t need to resort to invasive treatments to get that facial contour back. We have an even better treatment for you, the non-surgical solution to sagging jowls; Radio Frequency. 

What does Radio Frequency do?

Radio Frequency is a treatment that’s used to stimulate collagen and hyaluronic acid production in the skin. These substances give your skin structure. Younger skin has much higher levels than older skin, which is why older skin sags and has wrinkles. Our bodies actively produce collagen and hyaluronic acid throughout childhood and early adulthood. Unfortunately, by the time we reach 30, production has slowed drastically, and by 50, it’s almost stopped altogether. In fact, the only time mature adult skin really produces these substances is in the event of an injury. And that’s where Radio Frequency comes in. 

How does it work?

By heating the lower levels of the skin to a safe 40°C, Radio Frequency Treatments trick your body into thinking that there has been an injury in the area that’s being heated. The body then floods this area with new hyaluronic acid and collagen molecules, in order to repair the ‘damage’. But of course, there hasn’t been any damage, so instead the influx of these substances firms, tones and tightens the skin, leaving it looking younger and smoother. By using your body’s natural healing processes instead of invasive surgical techniques or chemical injections, Radio Frequency actually supports the wellbeing of your skin. 

Does it last?

Not only do the effects of Radio Frequency last for up to two years, you can start seeing results immediately after your first treatment, and you can continue to see improvements for up to three months after your treatments end! Because they are non-invasive, Radio Frequency treatments require no healing or downtime either, making them far more convenient than many other anti-ageing treatments. 

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