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importance of wearing sunglasses

The importance of wearing sunglasses

It’s Sun Awareness Week this week and today’s blog is all about protecting your eyes from the sun. Did you know that UV rays affect your eyes just like they affect your skin? Overexposure to harmful rays can increase the risk of developing cataracts and even cancer. It can take years for these diseases to develop, but don’t let that lull you into a false sense of security; if you aren’t protecting your eyes, they are at risk.

Look for UV protection

Wear sunglasses that offer protection from UV. Sunglasses filter out the harmful rays, reducing the amount of exposure your eyes are subjected to. Whenever it’s sunny, make sure you’re putting them on.  There are different categories of sunglass lens available depending on what you are doing; for general use look for Category 2, which will shield your eyes well without blocking out enough light to reduce visibility. We would also recommend a hat for added protection, especially if you need to go out in the hot sun. And if you’re the outdoorsy type, make sure you read up on the best sunglasses for your adventures; you may need to go up to Category 3 or even 4.

Protect the delicate area around the eyes

Not only will shielding your eyes from UV rays benefit your long-term eye health, you may also be able to enjoy looking younger for longer!  The skin around your eyes is three times thinner than the skin on the rest of your face, and constantly squinting against the sun means that this delicate skin will wrinkle much faster. Not only that, but the wrinkles will be made even worse by the exposure to UV rays that sunglasses would protect you from.  Sun exposure is the number one cause of premature skin ageing, so think about how well you could preserve smooth, youthful looking eyes if you keep them well protected from the sun, and squinting.


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