The Best Non-Surgical Solution For Sagging Jowls 

Don’t invest in invasive treatments to get that facial contour back! The best non-surgical solution to sagging jowls? Radio Frequency. 

Facial sagging can be a source of dread for many. Jowls are a very obvious sign of ageing, and we all want to maintain a youthful glow for as long as possible. While there are lots of options on the market for fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin seems like a much more difficult task. You may be considering resorting to extreme measures like surgery. However, we have good news! You don’t need to invest in invasive treatments to get that facial contour back. We have an even better treatment for you. The best non-surgical solution to sagging jowls: Radio Frequency.


Collagen Lift

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SkinBase Collagen Lift

SkinBase Collagen Lift is a radio-frequency treatment used to stimulate collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production in the skin. Each of these substances help the skin to maintain a firm structure. Younger skin has plenty of collagen fibres, whereas levels begin to deplete as we get older. This is why mature skin sags and wrinkles. By the age of 30, production slows down drastically. By 50, it’s almost stopped altogether. The only time mature skin really produces these substances is in the event of an injury. So, SkinBase Collagen Lift is the perfect intervention, and the best non-surgical solution for sagging jowls.

The Best Non-Surgical Solution For Sagging Jowls 

So, how does it work? By heating the deeper levels of the skin to a safe 40°C, the waves of radio-frequency trick your body into thinking that there has been an injury in the treatment area. The body’s response is to flood the area with new hyaluronic acid and collagen molecules, in order to repair the ‘damage’. As there is no damage to repair, the influx of substances works to firm, tone and tighten the skin, for a smoother, younger appearance. By using your body’s natural healing processes instead of invasive surgical techniques, Collagen Lift supports the wellbeing of your skin, and improves the appearance of sagging jowls.

How Many Treatments Do I Need?

For the best results, we recommend a course of at least 6 treatments. Ideally, they should be performed over the course of 3 or 6 weeks. After a course of treatment, you can continue to see improvements for up to three months as the collagen synthesis process occurs. Better still, the effects of radio frequency lasts for up to two years. As Collagen Lift is comfortable, relaxing and non-invasive, treatments require no healing or downtime either, making them far more convenient than many other anti-ageing treatments.

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