The Best Fake Tan Skincare Tips 

Overexposure to sunlight may result in a glowing tan, but it can also damage the skin. Read on to find out our fake tan skincare tips.

believe in healthy habits: fake tan skincare tips

Overexposure to sunlight may result in a glowing tan, but it can also cause premature ageing, skin damage and cancer. It’s Skin Cancer Awareness Month, and we know the best way to feel good without the risk is by applying fake tan. Read on to find out our fake tan skincare tips.

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Fake Tan Skincare Tips

Here we have the best fake tan skincare tips to get a flawless tan. It’s time to say goodbye to patches and peeling – and hello to the perfect safe tan.


The first and most important step to achieving that all-over even tan is exfoliation. Exfoliation should be done 24 hours before applying any fake tan to achieve the best results. Removing any dead skin allows for a smooth application, particularly on areas of dryness like elbows and ankles. Exfoliation every 2 to 3 days once the tan is on is the best way to maintain a smooth appearance.

Hair Removal

If you are planning to shave before applying fake tan, don’t do it immediately before – or the tan will sink into your pores. This will leave dark spots and an uneven appearance.  If you struggle with this problem stop shaving all together, and have a course of SkinBase IPL hair removal.


Keep skin hydrated. Moisturise every day leading up to the tan.  Combat any dryness a couple of hours before tanning by moisturising again. Pay close attention to areas you know are drier – like hands and feet. Hydrated skin will stop excess tan being soaked up into patches. Moisturising post tan will also help with tan maintenance. If you are using a wash-off tan, use cooler water than you would normally shower with. Make sure the tan is dry before you get dressed so your clothes don’t get ruined! Cleanse all the tan off before reapplying. Follow these fake tan skincare tips and you will have a natural glow without any of the risks that come with UV rays.

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