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active ingredients for ageing skin

The Best Active Ingredients for Ageing Skin

If you have your basic skincare routine sorted, you can begin to understand how you will benefit from combining active ingredients for ageing skin. In your 20s and beyond, you should incorporate specific active ingredients for ageing skin that will work with your routine to enhance results. 

Active Ingredients for Ageing Skin –


Hyaluronic Acid 

A skincare star right now, Hyaluronic Acid is best in your daily routine in the morning, as it helps your skin retain moisture and stay plump all day long. 


Vitamin C 

A great product to pair with your SPF to enhance your protection against the sun. Vitamin C brightens the skin, supports tissue repair, and neutralises free radical damage, slowing down premature skin ageing. Use a vitamin c serum prior to spf application in the morning. 



A vitamin A based product, retinol is best used during your evening routine so it can work its magic as your skin repairs overnight. Retinol boosts collagen, smoothes the skin and encourages cell turnover, for a fresher appearance. If you have not used it before, start with every other day and increase your tolerance before adding to your daily skincare routine for ageing skin. 



You can use peptides morning and night. Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and rebuild and repair the skin. Incorporating more peptides provides your skin with greater amounts of the amino acids used during new collagen production. 



 Naturally occurring in the skin, ceramides hold the skin together, lock in moisture, and form a protective layer. This barrier prevents damage from the external environment occuring, so ceramides are great active ingredients for ageing skin. 


Combining Ingredients

Most ingredients compliment each other when combined, for example ceramides boost skin hydration that may be lost with retinol. However, if you are using both retinol and Vitamin C, ensure you apply them at different times of the day. Incorporate Vitamin C in your morning routine, and retinol in the evening. 


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