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dry skin

Suffering from dry skin? Read on…

You may or may not be used to living with dry skin, but there are actually some special considerations and facts about dry skin to keep in mind when caring for your specific skin type. We want to make sure we’re caring for our skin properly and giving it the attention it needs in order for us to look our very best. So, make sure you give this a read for some vital info on dry skin!

Face the facts

First thing first before we jump into the facts about dry skin, let’s make sure you actually have dry skin. Sometimes there are other factors that affect our skin and would lead us to believe that we have super dry skin when it could be something like allergies or changes in the season. Classic symptoms include tight skin, itchiness, fine lines or cracks, dry or dehydrated appearance, and redness.

Hostile environment

This next fact about dry skin might come as a surprise, but did you ever think that the cause of your dry skin could be from your work or home environment? Sitting in an office with the air conditioning blasting takes all the moisture out of the air as does cold weather and indoor heating. To combat dryness, put moisture back in the air by using a humidifier at home, keeping ourselves hydrated and using hand and body cream often!

Exfoliate regularly

One of the little known facts about dry skin is that age is factor in how your skin looks. As we get older, our skin sheds dead cells at a slower rate, which can sometimes make our skin look dehydrated and dull. This phenomenon isn’t strictly a characteristic of dry skin either, all skin types experience this and we end up with more dead skin cells on the surface. To combat this, exfoliate regularly to encourage cell turnover.

The perfect cleanser

This dry skin tip suggests that those with dry skin look for creamy cleansers that are alcohol-free. All skin types should avoid cleansers with soap in them because they’re way too harsh and drying for our faces. For dry and sensitive skin, use cleansers that don’t contain fragrances or chemicals but do contain added moisturisers. Always avoid scrubbing when washing your face and gently massage your face instead. Lastly, be mindful of the amount of cleanser you’re using. A quarter-sized dollop should be sufficient because more doesn’t necessarily mean better when it comes to dry skin.

Slave to fashion

Our clothes play a role in the well-being of our skin and this fact about dry skin states that synthetic and wool materials can cause irritation by rubbing and scratching your skin. Stick with cotton and natural fibres when you can so your skin can breathe and to prevent friction between your sensitive skin and the fabric.

Cause and effect

Just so we have all of our bases covered on the topic of facts about dry skin, if you have chronic, severe dry skin make sure you see your doctor to ensure your skin isn’t trying to tell you there’s something more serious going on. There are some medical conditions like dermatitis or thyroid disorders that will lead to dry skin and should be treated by a medical professional. Don’t ignore the signs!


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