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The Skincare trends taking 2018 by storm

The year is well underway now, so here’s a round up of the best skincare trends we’re seeing so far in 2018!

Going natural

2018 is all about achieving a fresh, natural glow and letting your own skin do the talking. Good skincare is more important than ever as the days of heavy foundation are behind us; sheer liquid formulas, especially those infused with serum-type ingredients, are in style now. Feeling daunted by the idea of lighter makeup? Book a course of exfoliating, rejuvenating SkinBase Facials to get your skin ready for its natural debut.

Embracing your age

We’ve been told for years that ageing is something to be terrified of, but is it, really? Deep down we all know that with each passing year, so many things get better, so why should we fear the changes to our appearance that come with getting older? In 2018, let’s achieve the best skin we can for the age that we are. Instead of aiming to look like 20-year-old you, focus on looking like the fabulous 2018 you instead!

Gender neutral

All SkinBase Treatments are 100% gender neutral, so we often feel sorry for guys who don’t know that skincare is for them too. When you think about how much better your skincare routine and regular facials make you feel, it doesn’t seem fair that half the population are being left out! Clean, soft, comfortable skin is for everyone; in 2018, it’s time for guys, girls and everyone else to embrace that.

Anti-pollution skincare

With our cities and even our towns becoming more and more polluted in 2018, it’s never been more important to use skincare that will protect you from it. Thankfully, most skincare brands have developed their own anti-pollution technologies now. Look for products with powerful anti-oxidants to help your skin cope, pollution shields to stop it from touching your skin, and lightly exfoliating cleansers to remove pollution at the end of the day. Pollution can leave your skin looking dull, and the toxins contained in it are known to speed up ageing and worsen pigmentation. A course of SkinBase Facials can also help your skin to cope in polluted environments; the extremely effective exfoliation means no trace of toxic pollution particles will remain on your skin, and the rejuvenating aspect reverses the dulling effect as well as leaving your skin looking younger, and reducing pigmentation.

Facial rollers

2018 is the year of the facial accessory; proven to improve circulation, enhance radiance and even increase the absorption of skincare products, facial rollers are a becoming an essential part of boosting your complexion at home. Jade Rollers are an easy and simple option – the cool, soothing jade massages the skin, stimulating drainage of toxins and improving circulation, for refreshed, smooth skin. A Derma-Roller is a slightly more intense option but the results speak for themselves. Containing hundreds of tiny needles (hence derma-rolling’s other name, micro-needling), you gently pass the roller over your skin in straight lines to create micro-injuries, which stimulate your skin’s healing response. As a result, you can look forward to reduced acne scarring, less fine lines and wrinkles, and firmer skin. A no-nonsense skincare accessory that’s perfect for 2018!


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