SkinBase Transformation of the Year 2023 winner

We are delighted to announce our SkinBase™ Transformation of the Year 2023 Winner, Sarah from The Jay’s Nest with a remarkable IPL photorejuvenation transformation. Sarah and her client Hannah have both won a luxury 10-day villa holiday in Barbados, courtesy of SkinBase™.

We are delighted to announce our SkinBase™ Transformation of the Year 2023 Winner, Sarah from The Jay’s Nest with a remarkable IPL photorejuvenation transformation. Sarah and her client Hannah have both won a luxury 10-day villa holiday in Barbados, courtesy of SkinBase™.

Our senior trainer Heidi was impressed, declaring: “melasma is usually so difficult to treat and takes a long time to go. The therapist used all her knowledge and expertise to get these results which is amazing. The client testimonial – I could really feel her frustration of her having to try and hide her pigment with concealer and then still showing through . Having her confidence back is just priceless.”

Also commenting on our winner, is Liz McKeon, Beauty Business Expert  who commended the approach taken for the client: “From the photographs, the result is incredible and clearly life-changing for the client. However, another reason for 1st place, is to commend the therapist on taking such a 360 degree solution to Hannah’s concerns by identifying the corresponding correct homecare regime, combined with long-term plan of services.

Melissa Dennis, Associated Beauty Therapists Editor was also impressed ‘The therapist has achieved excellent results not only with a course of treatments but by completely overhauling the client’s skin regime. This demonstrates the therapist’s understanding of skin health and the benefits of combined treatments to achieve long-term results. The before and after photographs highlight impressive improvements in the client’s melasma. The treatment course has not only improved the physical health of the client’s skin but also their mental wellbeing, contributing to improved self-confidence. They have re-educated the client on the importance of adopting an ongoing skin regime for long-term skin health, including the introduction of daily SPF. The client clearly trusts the therapist’s knowledge and expertise gained through Skinbase’s education and ongoing support.”

IPL Melasma Transformation
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“3 years ago my melasma had gotten so bad that I felt I couldn’t leave the house without piling on concealer – and still it showed through. I felt so self conscious and it was getting worse and worse. My friend recommended I went to see Sarah to see if she could help, as it was really getting me down. Sarah gave me a course of 6 SKINBASE IPL sessions for the melasma, which made an enormous difference. She also overhauled my skincare regime and I have since had regular medical facials with her (to improve my general skin condition) which I will never stop – my skin is in better, younger shape now than it was 3 years ago! Sarah has helped me understand that there is no single solution to keeping my skin great and my melasma at bay – she encouraged me to look into Obagi which I have done since these photos & will always have a few laser sessions with Sarah in Autumn/Winter to keep it at bay, and carry on having The Ultimate to keep my skin clear and encourage collagen production. And I now never leave the house without a strong SPF. I honestly can’t believe my skin is this good now considering how bad it was before I met her – in my view, it’s one of the best investments I can make in myself. Thank you Sarah!”

In second place with 37 judges points is: Moorlands Beauty The Skin Centre with a Collagen Lift transformation

Heidi: “The skin tightening achieved here shows how well the therapist performed the treatments . The fact that the client’s expectations were exceeded especially as she saw the treatment advertised in the gym shows that exercise is not always going to be the solution alone for firming and tightening.”

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Client Testimonial:

“I was looking for a treatment on my stomach area due to stretch marks. I felt that my body looked awful, saggy, and I felt disgusting. I didn’t like anyone seeing my stomach and this was impacting my personal life. The worst area for me was my stomach just above my belly button, I felt like a bowl of jelly gone wrong! The thought of my stomach made me feel sick and I hated undressing, this totally destroyed my confidence. I saw adverts at my local gym salon for collagen lift and although I wasn’t confident this would work, I decided to give it a go anyway. I went for a consultation with Theresa at Moorlands Beauty, she was lovely and explained to me how it works, what to expect and how it could improve my stomach. Again I thought, I’ll give this a go and see what happens but never was I expecting these results. My stomach looks so much better and my confidence has grown dramatically. I am currently having maintenance treatments once a month and I really enjoy this, most of the time I even have a little nap, it’s so relaxing! Thank You Theresa.”

And in third place with 21 judges points. Is Beaute with this transformation from a course of Collagen Lift. Lesley Blair, MBE had this to say about this transformation: “The skin in these pictures looks so fresh and healthy in the after picture. The lines have dramatically reduced and the skin looks so much plumper. I think the pictures have been taken is a very similar way so they represent a true before and after. The client (Jill) must just be over the moon with these results..(I’m just going to look for my nearest salon lol)

June Winner Public Beaute
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Ailsa Newgreen, Salon Magazine editor said: “It was such a tough decision with some truly wonderful transformations, it was quite moving reading some of the testimonials and understanding how life changing said treatments can be for clients.