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Six top makeup tips for redheads…

We are often asked about makeup tips and this blog is dedicated to the ladies out there with ginger (auburn, red, strawberry blonde…) hair. Whatever you want to call it, we think it’s beautiful! Makeup tips for redheads can often be the hardest to find but you’re in luck! These tips are sure to make your features and your beautiful red tresses stand out beautifully!

1) Be proud of your freckles

One of the best things about being a redhead is freckles – a sign of beauty don’t you know! So don’t ever be ashamed of your beautiful freckles or try to cover them up! Instead, just dust some light powder or even some mineral foundation (which we’ll get onto in the next tip) over your face to help keep your freckles beautiful!

2) Mineral foundation

Well ladies, mineral foundation is by far one of the best foundations for redheads! Mineral foundation is awesome because it allows you to show off those awesome freckles!

3) Black Vs brown eyeliner

If you’re a redhead, generally brown eyeliner will work better than black. That of course depends on what colour red hair you have, whether your hair colour is natural or not, and your skin tone, but personally I find that light brown eyeliner is always the best choice. It’s more flattering on the features and not too heavy so doesn’t distract from those fiery hot locks!

4) Peaches and browns

Looking for eyeshadow that works amazingly well for redheaded babes? Then you’ve come to the right place. Peaches and browns all the way ladies! Browns and peaches always bring out the red and the peach in particular will look ideal with your freckles!

5) Gently does it on the mascara

I love a good coat or two of mascara but it can sometimes be a little too heavy for the majority of natural redheads. If you go light on the mascara, you’ll still get the length, but not have your lashes weighed down. Just one or two coats will be enough to make your eyes stand out and light brown mascara will look even more natural while helping to emphasise your beautiful features!

6) Don’t be afraid of bold blush

Have you found you’re shying away from blush just because you’re a redhead? Big mistake ladies! In fact, deeper brick tones and crimson shades are fantastic! Just remember, all you need is just enough for a beautiful glow, clown cheeks definitely are not in fashion!


  • Six top makeup tips for redheads…

    Did you know that there is a dedicated website for red heads, delivering news and features on topics specific to those with ginger hair, including General News, Fashion, Music, Beauty, Film, Health and more? Oh yes!! Ginger Parrot is a one stop shop for redheads. We particularly love their blog on caring for red hair, a sure way to keep your tresses looking in tip-top condition.


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