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Seven lipstick hacks to totally perfect your pout…

I am not sure about you, but lipstick, along with mascara is the one makeup item I can’t do without. It instantly transforms my appearance, giving radiance and vibrancy to my face, even when I don’t feel my best. But I’ve always been keen to learn more on how I can perfect my pout and the good news is – I have compiled a list of just how to do this. Time to pucker up ladies!

1) Don’t underestimate the power of concealer.

If you are a fan of applying a bold lip colour, try outlining your mouth with concealer. The contrast between the lipstick and the concealer will help to make the colour even more vibrant.

2) Perfect the Cupid’s bow with an X.

Many of us struggle to perfectly define our Cupid’s bow, but fear not – all you need to do is use a lip pencil to draw a small “X” at the top centre of your upper lip. Then try lining your lips from there, and you’ll find it is much easier than starting at the corners of your smile.

3) A baby’s toothbrush can help you to achieve baby-soft lips.

The ultra gentle bristles of a baby’s toothbrush make the perfect tools to scrub away dry skin on your pout. First, lather your lips with lip balm, then use the toothbrush to gently buff the skin and help loosen any flakes. This will help you to avoid that cracked look which let’s be honest, isn’t attractive.

4) Homemade lip scrub is just as good.

First apply a generous amount of lip balm, then simply pat some sugar crystals onto your lips, then massage them in with your finger. This is a cheap, quick and easy way of getting rid of flakes.

5) Finger to the rescue.

Lipstick on the teeth? Never attractive is it? All you need to do is slide a clean finger between your lips, then drag it out. Any pesky lipstick lurking on the inner parts of your mouth will be removed. Believe you me, your teeth with thank you for it!

6) Gloss baby gloss.

Dab a bit of clear balm to the centre of your lips to help accentuate your pucker. The shine acts like highlighter, making your pout stand out. Mwah!

7) Bite your lip (gently!)

The perfect shade for your pout is the colour of your lips when your bite them gently and the blood rushes to the surface. This is the perfect “your lips, but better” shade for you to wear. Our previous blog all about how to find your skin tone will help further with making sure you get the right shade, not just of lipstick but foundation too.

So we’ve told you how to perfect the pout, but did you know we also have a blog on how to perfect the at home manicure? Well we do, and this is another touch which will make you appear more well groomed, even when you’re feeling anything but – enjoy!


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