Take Part in New Reality TV Show ‘£200 Salon Turnaround’

Amazing news! SkinBase, has teamed up with renowned beauty business coach, Liz McKeon to create a new reality TV show, ‘The £200 Salon Turnaround’. Interested? You have until the 19th April to apply at www.salonturnaround.com

SkinBase, has teamed up with renowned beauty business coach, Liz McKeon to create a new reality TV show, ‘The £200 Salon Turnaround’.

Akin to Kitchen Nightmares and Mary Queen of Shops, the ‘£200 Salon Turnaround’ TV programme will see a team of beauty business experts transform struggling beauty salons in only 2 weeks, doubling their profits with a budget of just £200.

Salons have until the 19th April to apply via the websitehttp://www.salonturnaround.com

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Founder and MD of SkinBase, Richard Faulkner, started his now hugely successful business 10 years ago from his kitchen table and will be one of the experts on the new show. His company now has thousands of clients around the world and the largest network of beauty salons in the UK.

“The idea for the show came about last year when Liz and I decided to hold a free seminar on business development for salons. Around 200 SkinBase therapists attended and within two weeks of putting into practice the skills and advice we’d given them, almost all had reported a 25% improvement in profits, whilst others had literally doubled their business. Nothing we’d discussed during the seminar had a huge price tag attached to it, and it got us thinking about what we could achieve if we were to spend two weeks intensively assessing, training and teaching failing or struggling salons. We were lucky enough to land Andrew Painten of Fluent Films, who’s worked on some of the highest profile and well-loved programmes including Countryfile, Top Gear and Gardeners World to work on the show with us. It’s very exciting and we can’t wait to start filming in June.”

Liz McKeon is equally as excited about the show’s potential to shed light on what the beauty industry is so frequently getting wrong:

“Beauty salons should be all about superb customer service, but so often simple communication and care is overlooked, which ultimately affects repeat and new business – a salons lifeblood. Training is so, so important for everyone, at every level. It doesn’t matter whether you’re part-time, full time, manager or owner, we all need to be shown the right direction, especially if bad habits have formed over a long period of time. I can’t wait to arm salons with the know-how to completely revamp and revolutionise their fortunes.”

During the £200 Salon Turnaround, chosen salons will be secretly assessed before Richard and Liz tackle everything from staff attitudes to training, customer service, follow up and aesthetics.

Filming will take place in June 2016. Interested salons should apply by 19th April on the website www.salonturnaround.com

We can’t WAIT to keep you updated as the show unfolds…

The SkinBase team x