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Save your Skin this Summer

As fanatics and experts about all things skin related, we like to think that the advice and guidance we provide is useful, effective, and easy to follow. But while some areas of skincare are a luxury, it’s important to understand other areas are less of a luxury and more of a necessity – including the use of products which protect your skin during the warm summer months. 

Summer is when our skin sees the most exposure to the sun – with many of us coveting that perfect tan and sun-kissed glow that being out in the sun gives us. However, that is no reason to cut back on our skincare routine, particularly if you want to protect your youthful glow and give yourself skin to be proud of in a few years or even decades time. 

The Skincare to focus on this Summer

The number one product for you to factor into your summer skincare routine is SPF – in fact, most skincare therapists and experts now recommend that we use an SPF all year round to protect from even the most minor of sun exposures. SPF is the answer to preventing damage from the sun in the first place – however, if you find that you do go overboard and spend a little longer in the sun than you intended to, there are treatments provided by SkinBase which can help to restore your skin and give it the boost it needs. 

SkinBase Microdermabrasion

This is a treatment that is all about removing the outer layer of skin with its imperfections and dead skin cells and revealing the smooth and supple skin below. The treatment uses a fine spray of crystals which unsettle the skin before sucking the crystals and dead skin cells away. Microdermabrasion is a big step in rejuvenating the skin without invasive treatment, and you can find out more about the benefits and how it works here.   

Collagen Lift

Think of a Collagen Lift as all the benefits of injectables, but without the puffy frozen faced look that most users end up with. A Collagen Lift course of treatments tightens the elastin in the skin for instant results and causes a boost in the creation of new collagen in the skin for up to three months after treatment. Find out more here. 

Intense Pulsed Light Photo-rejuvenation

Intense Pulsed Light therapy uses specific wavelengths of light to achieve certain treatment effects on the skin, whether it be removing the aesthetic appearance of sunspots and skin damage or removing unwanted hair. IPL Photo-rejuvenation is particularly effective at smoother the skin and reducing the impact of damage on an aesthetic level, even helping to reduce wrinkles and fine lines caused by over exposure to the sun. Find out more here. 

We would always say that prevention is better than cure, however the above three treatments are all examples of ways in which we can support the recovery and healing of skin following overexposure to the sun, or a variety of other skin-related challenges and issues. 

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