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sagging jawline

Sagging jawline? What causes jowls?

If this is something you are starting to have concerns about, perhaps it’s time you started to look at the causes and what you can do to help your sagging jawline.

Natural ageing

Unfortunately, natural ageing is one of the main reasons for our sagging jaw line. As we age collagen and elastin fibres, which provide our skin with its strength and elasticity, begin to break down and fragment. This causes our skin to lose its plumpness, skin starts to loosen and then to sag. Doing facial exercises can help to strengthen and tighten the underlying muscles supporting the skin

Weight loss

Loss of facial fat as a result of weight loss can cause skin to sag. This becomes more of an issue the older you are, as your skin’s ability to spring back into shape takes a steady decline.


I’m sure you don’t need us to tell you smoking is bad for your skin. Smoker’s will see wrinkles and a decline in skin condition much more quickly than someone who doesn’t smoke. Kicking this habit as soon as possible will give your skin, and the rest of your health, a huge boost.

Over exposure to UV

UVA rays penetrate deep into the skin’s dermis and play a major part in skin ageing. UVB rays don’t penetrate the skin as deeply but are responsible for the reddening and burning we experience with overexposure. Both damage the cells that keep our skin plump and youthful. Damage to our skin results in premature ageing, wrinkles, and for some, a sagging jawline.

There is hope for your sagging jawline!

There is good news, SkinBase’s radio frequency (RF) treatment can remedy a sagging jawline with amazing results seen after a course of facials. RF provokes a deep heating of the tissues which has the immediate effect of tissue contraction which tightens and lifts the skin. It’s become a popular alternative to Botox as where Botox paralyses the muscle (which weakens it), RF causes elastin fibres to tighten and realign, strengthening skin. Read more here.


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