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perky bottom

Our top tip for a pert, perky bottom

Squats, thousands of them! Seriously, squat enough and you will see the results, but we’ll be honest, we want results quicker than that so we will let you into a little secret to achieve that perky bottom…

Collagen Lift

For all your lifting and firming needs, there is this magical treatment. It works by realigning elastin fibres (which is does instantly) and also by breaking down the adipose fat, using its special mono function which delivers it’s energy waves deep into the skin. Let us go a bit more in depth to explain what is going on and what makes this treatment so effective!

Breakdown Fat

The monopolar function works deeply on body areas to breakdown hardened fat deposits that are difficult with diet & exercise alone. Collagen Lift can be used to directly target this layer of subcutaneous fat. The radio frequency technology also realigns the elastin fibres to cause an immediate tightening, firming and contouring areas of sagging skin to achieve that perky bottom.

How Does a Collagen Lift Treatment Work?

First, the treatment area is prepared using the SkinBase foaming cleanser with AHA. A warm ceramic wand is then moved in circular motions over the treatment area, thus warming the skin to induce the tightening and lifting effect. It feels similar to a hot stone massage and should only be as hot as is comfortable for you. Client feedback is essential to this treatment. Your therapist will ask for your feedback continuously throughout, essential to achieve that perky bottom! 

How many treatments do I need?

Collagen Lift requires a course of treatments to achieve maximum results. Therapists often talk about the ‘sweet spot’ at 4 weeks where results really start to ramp up. Everyone is different and your therapist will be able to recommend a plan of action for you. We recommend a course of 6, so either twice a week for 3 weeks or once a week for 6 weeks. What are you waiting for? A perky bottom awaits! Find your nearest therapist now…

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