November Voting: Transformation of the Year 2023

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Well what a year we’ve had. Over 250 entries again this year, just a snippet of the transformations the SkinBase therapists have achieved this year. The testimonials from clients demonstrate that transformation is not just about the way you look, in fact, it’s hardly ever just about looks, it’s about the confidence these treatments give and the way you feels about yourself  after a course of treatments. Many of our entrants were struggling with their skin concerns, if you feel like your confidence could do with a boost and it’s your skin that’s affecting it then please do get in touch with one of our SkinBase therapists. 

 Take a look at this month’s entries and get involved  by voting over on the public SkinBase Facebook page as it’s November voting time. Help us crown the best November  Transformation by liking/reacting to your favourite below. Just click the link to check them out!