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More March Entries for SkinBase Transformation of the Year

Loving these results from our increasingly popular Collagen Lift treatment!
Morgan’s client is a 57 year old woman who was concerned about pigmentation and deep lines around her eyes, and had a course of 6 Collagen Lift treatments. 

Client Testimonial 

The client is so pleased with the results, and is going to have top-up sessions to ensure the fantastic results are maintained. Here’s what she had to say:

“After the first session, I was sold, it felt very soothing, relaxing and almost as if, all of my imperfections were being erased, rubbed away. Two days after my first treatment, whilst I was cleansing my face, I felt a tightening feeling across my forehead, it literally felt like my skin was being stretched, and tightened. After 6 treatments my skin is less mottled and sun damaged. The lines around my mouth and forehead have softened, especially around my eyes. I can really notice a difference to my neck area, and the skin around my cheekbones feel plumper.” 

Basically my face looks and feels firmer. 

“Basically my face looks and feels firmer. I feel I smile a lot more, and my confidence has taken a real boost. So many people including friends and family have told me that my skin is glowing. I’m so pleased with the results, and I am really glad I had the treatments. I will definitely have top up sessions to maintain these fantastic results.” 

win this month's £500 prize
studio 524

Collagen Lift treatment transforming skin again at Studio 524. A course of just six Collagen Lift treatments was enough to tighten, tone and lift Sarah’s client’s face As you can see, the Collagen Lift treatment minimises fine lines, sagging skin, and wrinkles for a brighter, smoother complexion. A great transformation!

premier belle

Fantastic results from our award-winning microdermabrasion treatment. It’s not hard to see why this treatment won Best Advanced Treatment not just once but twice! Zoe’s client had a deluxe course of Microdermabrasion, which involved 6 treatments and 6-8 weeks of maintenance treatments! Here’s what Zoe had to say:

“This was directly after a treatment. Initially when I sent my client the before and after pic she said “omg I just spat out my tea” It’s results like these that I’m so grateful I chose SkinBase to be part of my business. I’ve never looked back!”

Amanda singleton
More great results from Collagen Lift Treatment, such a brilliant therapist-client relationship! Amanda’s client is registered blind and getting married in the summer so asked for Amanda’s help. They decided on a 6 treatment course of Collagen Lift. Here’s what Amanda had to say:
“My client is getting married in the summer and wants to look her best. I have the added responsibility as my client is registered blind so she relies on myself to be honest with her to what I feel she requires. After consultation it was decided that we were to concentrate around her eyes to help with lines, tired looking skin and to brighten up that area. My client told me that even though she could not see her skin she definitely could feel that her skin felt smoother, plumper, and tighter and her partner definitely could see an improvement. My client is going to continue with monthly maintenance for her wedding!”

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