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merry twixmas

Merry Twixmas – Something exciting is afoot!

Who has had their fill of mince pies and overindulged on the cheese? Yep, same here. It’s that weird bit between Christmas and New Year where you’ve eaten too much and you’ll soon start to regret your decisions to eat that extra mince pie!

Well, we are just getting in touch to give you a little hint of something exciting coming next week. Well there you go, that’s it, that’s all you are getting!! 😂 You might have already heard about it but if you haven’t -well we don’t want to make you feel bad, the last couple of years has been tough! So carry on overindulging (we are totally with you) and we will be back in touch in the New Year to give you the full scoop on what we have planned. It’s exciting we promise!!


There’s no better time than New Year to put in place a plan to get in shape and that includes your skin. Head over to the guides page on our site and you can download all our free beauty guides including the Healthy Habits Guide which is great if you are looking to make a few changes in the New Year.

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