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hy have I had a breakout after microdermabrasion

It’s time to say a BIG ‘bye-bye’ to dry and flaky skin…

I hate it when my skin is dry, not only is it sore and painful but it doesn’t make my skin look that great either. If you’re sick of skin that cracks and red patches that make you feel less confident in your summer smalls, then try these small and simple steps, to help improve the condition of your skin. You will feel and see the benefits in no time!

Perfecting your product choice

Firstly ladies, you’re not going to get anywhere if you aren’t using the right products. If you have dry skin, likelihood is you will require moisturising lotions and creams which have a thicker consistency and contain soothing ingredients like lanolin, mineral oil and glycerine, which will also help your skin to lock in vital moisture.

Scrub a dub dub

Exfoliating works wonders if you have dry skin as it helps to improve its appearance by banishing dead skin cells quicker and revealing skin that is both newer and fresher. If you suffer from dry skin, likely your skin is also sensitive so best you use a gentle exfoliator to prevent your skin from getting irritated any further. Use a gentle scrub once a week, and then follow up with your moisturiser. This should make a big positive difference to the appearance of your dry skin.

Say ‘not not not’ to ‘hot hot hot’

I love baths and I love them hot! But, unfortunately the same cannot be said about my skin. Hot baths and showers take the oil out of your skin. Instead of scorching water, try warm temperatures instead, and don’t soak in the tub for hours. Showers are definitely better if you have dry skin. Also, try moisturising while your skin is still slightly damp, and this will help the cream to absorb better and your skin will also be able to retain the cream better. Wow, I can see your skin glowing from here already!

Moisturise regularly

If you don’t put the effort in with moisturising, you will have dry skin and I have to admit I can sometimes be a bit slapdash! It’s all about being more consistent and applying moisturising lotion every day so try and get into the habit of moisturising regularly to stop your skin from getting dry. Also, always apply cream after washing your hands, to make this easier, just carry some hand cream round in your bag – your dry hands will thank you for it, believe you me!

Hello hydration

If you have dry skin you need to make sure you are getting plenty of hydration from moisturisers. It’s best to use a lovely thick cream, and rub in well to make sure that it is absorbed. Reapply regularly, especially after you wash your hands; they will soon get dry and stripped of moisture otherwise. If your hands are in water frequently, use gloves or apply a barrier cream to protect them.

Shave smarter

Shaving removes natural oils essential for keeping the skin moisture rich and can really irritate dry skin. So it’s time to start doing it right. The best time to shave is after you shower, because hairs are softer, making the shaving process easier.

Don’t ever dry shave, make sure you use a shaving cream or gel, and shave in the direction the hair is growing to protect your skin.

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