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is your acne hormonal or bacterial

Is your acne hormonal or bacterial?

Acne can be triggered or aggravated by a number of different causes, so it can be hard to pinpoint exactly why you are suffering. A key question many acne sufferers have is: “is acne hormonal or bacterial.” So, let’s find out! 

Hormonal Acne

It is clear that changes in hormone levels are a key cause of acne breakouts. We all want to leave blackheads and pimples in our teenage years; but for some people, that isn’t what happens. If you are 20-50  hormonal acne is likely the cause of your skin concerns. Those affected are often women, particular those who are pregnant or going through the menopause, due to rapidly changing hormone levels. External factors you can control also affect hormonal acne. If you are often missing out on vital hours of sleep and live a very stressful lifestyle, you may be worsening your acne symptoms. Some hair and skincare products can also exacerbate your skin. One way to tell if acne is hormonal or bacterial is to pay attention to your skin. If you do not experience a flare up during periods of hormonal imbalance, and topical treatments are not improving your breakouts, you may instead be dealing with bacterial acne.  

Bacterial Acne

Bacterial acne often begins in the same way as hormonal acne, with excess sebum levels resulting in clogged pores. The blocked pores can become infected, and bacteria will begin to grow in the clogged follicles. The bacteria will trigger inflammation and infection, causing the acne symptoms to become more severe. Bacterial acne requires a different treatment plan to hormonal acne, therefore, it is important to distinguish between the two.  

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