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How to Treat Extremely Tired Eyes

Whether you’re exhausted or you’re genetically susceptible to dark circles, tired eyes are not a feature anyone likes to have. Tired eyes can be challenging to get rid of, but there are a few tricks you can use to improve their appearance.

What causes tired eyes?

Dark circles, puffiness or red eyes – the common symptoms of tired eyes can be caused by several factors. Genetics, a lack of sleep, allergies, stress and a poor diet can all contribute to looking exhausted. Furthermore, dark circles and puffiness can also appear worse as you age.

How to treat tired eyes

It may seem like getting a good night’s sleep and drinking lots of water is the obvious way to improve your tired eyes. To an extent, this can help. However, there are further things you can do to ensure your eyes are looking wide awake.

Apply eye cream – try a collagen based cream to soothe and plump your undereye area. A cream containing hyaluronic acid or retinol will also be effective, thanks to boosting collagen. You can also apply an eye cream containing coffee to constrict blood vessels or arnica to reduce the appearance of dark circles.

Apply an eye mask or patches – An eye mask or eye patches are great to use once per week as an additional boost to your skincare regime.

A DIY eye mask

Use ingredients found in your kitchen to make this super easy eye mask to erase puffy eyes.


2 teaspoons of coffee

1 egg white

How to make:

Mix the coffee and egg white together in a bowl. Stir until frothy. Apply the mixture to your under-eye area and leave on for ten minutes. The mask will tighten during this time. Rinse off and follow with your usual eye cream.


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