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Autumn Skincare

How to Transition into Autumn Skincare

As the temperatures start to fall it’s not just your wardrobe that needs updating. It is also important to transition your autumn skincare. To prevent dry skin or breakouts, start the process in good time. This way you will move seamlessly into autumn without a skin freak out!



The colder drier air in autumn can wreak havoc on your skin (because of lower humidity)… but only if you let it. A layer of thick moisturiser will allow skin to stay protected throughout autumn. Use products that maintain moisture and protect the skin’s barrier to avoid irritations. Swap out your lightweight summer moisturiser for something thicker. Remember whatever the season, always stick with your SPF! Sunscreen is crucial in defending your skin against harmful UVA and UVB rays. 


A thicker, creamier cleanser is better during autumn. This is better than your lightweight summer foaming cleanser. The skin produces less oil in the colder weather so it is best to switch to cream-based cleansers. They help to keep the natural oils in your skin for better protection. 

Environmental exposure during summer may have contributed to dehydrated skin or pigmentation issues. If you transition your autumn skincare at the right time these are all manageable issues.

Top Tips

Stay hydrated. As well as slathering on a hydrating moisturiser, hydrate from within by drinking plenty of water every day. Keep a reusable bottle on you at all times.

Treat any post-summer pigmentation (or lacklustre skin) with regular SkinBase Microdermabrasion sessions. This treatment sloughs away dead skin cells leaving you with a brighter firmer complexion. Your skin will also be more able to absorb the new richer products. 

Don’t forget to maintain your summer smooth lips and hands. Just like your other autumn skincare, you can do this by focusing on richer hand creams and lip balms. 

A few minor skincare tweaks early in the season can make a huge difference. This will help you to move from summer to autumn with a natural glow.

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