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How To Soothe Irritated Hands In Winter

Chapped, dry, and irritated skin on your hands can be a real problem in winter. It can be painful – and ugly. Rough (and sometimes cracked) skin is a nuisance and prevention is better than a cure. So stop irritation in its tracks!

Most of us end up washing hands more often in winter to stop the germs spreading, but there are a few handy tricks to stop the cold causing winter damage. Hands are one of the first areas to show signs of ageing. So stay protected and soothe irritated hands this winter.

Say No to Soap

When washing hands, try to use a moisturising cream instead of a bar of soap that will dry out your hands. Don’t use hot water – rather run the water warm. This will keep the skin’s natural oils intact. 



Moisturise, moisturise and moisturise again to soothe irritated hands.  Don’t forget nails and cuticles – especially after washing hands. It’s better to prevent dryness than to try to heal it.



Wear gloves when you wash the dishes, so your hands are not directly in the water. This means the natural oils won’t be stripped from your skin. You should also wear gloves when you are outdoors during winter to protect the skin on your hands from the cold. 



Try “slugging” at night after moisturising. This viral TikTok trend locks in moisture with a petroleum jelly-based product.  Apply the vaseline after all your moisturising products to seal in the moisture. Hand slugging works by restoring the skin’s natural barrier – preventing water loss from the surface of the hands. It might seem a little messy but skin stays hydrated and slugging helps to soothe irritated hands. 


MD Manicure

Consider treating yourself to a Microdermabrasion manicure. This will prevent the cold winter weather from damaging your hands. This effective treatment exfoliates, boosts circulation and improves absorption of hand creams. 

Soothe irritated hands this winter by following our tips to keep the skin on your hands out of trouble. 

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