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Mother's Day pamper box

How to put together a Mother’s Day Pamper Box for your mum

Determined to do something creative and different for your mum this Mother’s Day? Have you considered putting together a Pamper Box for her? Any busy, hardworking mum would be delighted to receive a thoughtfully picked out selection of pampering products. It will really show that you appreciate all the things she’s done for you! Here’s everything you’ll need to put one together…

Choose Your Box

Any gift box will do as long as it’s large enough to fit your gifts in it, but remember that she’s your mum and it’s from you, so she’ll probably want to keep it. With that in mind, try to find something that fits in with her home décor – if your mum loves chintzy florals, choose a pastel coloured box adorned with roses, if she likes country chic, pick out a wooden box, whereas if she has a more minimal home, you could opt for a plain white one. 

Face Masks

There are some brilliant sheet masks out there nowadays that help to hydrate, plump and replenish skin, and they are the perfect gift for a mum who deserves a treat. Opt for a higher-end one to make sure she gets the best. 


Pampering doesn’t just have to involve cosmetics – there are lots of different ways that people can relax and unwind, but all of them are made better with chocolate! If she has a favourite brand, opt for that, otherwise, go for something high quality and indulgent. 

Hair Treatment

If your mum cares for her hair at home, why not treat her to a high quality hair mask, perhaps from an indie brand that she might not have tried before? 

A New Book

Pick out a new release for her to enjoy, preferably one from a genre she likes to read, or one that you’ve already read and thought she’d love.

Fancy Bath Products

There are some really gorgeous bath products out there nowadays, from bath bombs and bubble bars to milks, oils and soaks. Find one in a scent you think she’d like – for example, if she loves sweet perfumes, opt for a floral scent, but if she likes citrus or natural scents, opt for herbs and brighter, cleaner scents. 


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A Beauty Treatment

Your mum will never expect it, so put a gift voucher for a facial in the Pamper Box to surprise and delight her. SkinBase Microdermabrasion facials are the ideal gift for Mother’s Day because they are suitable for all kinds of skin types – they help to smooth, rejuvenate and brighten the complexion. It’s also a really indulgent treatment and SkinBase therapists are expertly trained to make the experience relaxing and personalised.

Microdermabrasion – Gentle Yet Effective

The treatments are gentle, but extremely effective against a wide variety of skin concerns such as ageing, wrinkles and dullness. However, unlike some treatments and procedures, Microdermabrasion isn’t specifically targeted towards these things, so when your mum receives the voucher she won’t feel like you’re pointing out her flaws! Hence, she can go into the therapist’s room and talk about what she’d like to get out of it. Rather than you having to think about it and possibly miss the mark!

Make It Personal

Of course, all these suggestions are useless if they aren’t things she’s going to enjoy. Think about the products you remember her using – does she love taking baths? Does she do face masks? Does she love trying the latest skincare products? Is her hair always perfect? Does she travel for work? Then use what you know about her to help make the perfect Pamper Box. 


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