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care for your skin while flying

How To Care For Your Skin While Flying

If you are jetting off on a New Year’s holiday,  it’s important to know how to keep your skin protected and care for your skin while flying. You don’t want to step off the plane concerned about how your skin looks – so get prepared instead. Prepping skin before a flight is a must.

Care For Your Skin While Flying

High altitude, lower humidity, increased UV exposure, and recirculated air – these are all a recipe for skincare disaster. So, here are the best ways to care for your skin while flying!



Never wear makeup when you fly and double cleanse before the flight. This will unclog pores and create the best possible skin base. Consider having a professional skin treatment like Microdermabrasion in advance of your holiday. Then you can start the break with a smooth canvas and as an added bonus – any holiday skincare or makeup will apply better!



Don’t skip the SPF, especially if you have the window seat. UV rays can penetrate the glass and are stronger at high altitudes. SPF will protect against any damaging UVA rays that shine through.



Think about inside-out hydration. Drink plenty of water to hydrate from within, and moisturise to help from the outside.  Avoid heavy meals and salty foods both before and during the flight to escape water retention. This is what causes puffiness. Alcohol can do the same – so avoid that too. 



On the flight, relax with a serum-packed sheet mask. You will leave the plane glowing, instead of having dry, irritated skin.



If you have the aisle seat move around. Do some easy exercises in your seat and stretch often.  Consider wearing compression socks to promote circulation.



Wash your face immediately after your flight with warm water and slather on the moisturiser. Maintain your skincare routine in the days after the flight. Rehydration is key so moisturise, moisturise and moisturise again! Focus on avoiding any breakouts by cleansing thoroughly and don’t take hot showers. Rather have the water luke warm – hot water strips your skin’s moisture even more. 

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