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It’s April and we’ve almost forgotten what we planned in January, but you know what? Summer is fast approaching and we are about to invest some serious effort into getting our pins and bums ready for shorts and skirts! Here are our top exercises for toning and tightening your bottom and legs. But if this all sounds too much for you, check out our Radio Frequency Treatments here, and let us do the hard work for you.  Or you could do both, for even more confidence in those summer outfits!


The perfect exercise for getting the bum you’ve always wanted. A set of 20 squats, repeated 4 times is a great starting point. When they get easier (they will, we promise!) there are lots of things you can do to challenge yourself – try jumping back up to standing position from the squat, or holding your squat position for five seconds each time.

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The exercise everyone loves to hate, burpees are pretty much the best full-body exercise out there. Not only do you get a cardiovascular workout, they also require explosive bursts of power from your muscles, which is a fantastic way to tone them.  If you’ve never done one before, the best way to learn burpees is to watch a video of a fitness instructor doing them, but remember that your burpees won’t look like theirs straight away. The most important thing is that you go down, out and up in a way that’s comfortable for you.


Nothing sorts out the thighs quite like lunges. They tone, strengthen and improve flexibility, which is everything your body needs to firm and tighten. The best way to do lunges is to make them slow and controlled. Then, once you get really good at them, try jumping lunges, to feel the burn!

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