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keep your neckline defined

Four simple steps to keep your neckline defined

It’s an aspect of ageing that we all dread – sagging jowls, turkey neck, wrinkled décolletage…  but there are lots of things you can do to help maintain a defined, youthful jawline. Here are four easy tips!

Facial Exercises

Muscle tone is an important part of keeping your skin taut and firm. You can do facial exercises that will work the muscles in your jaw and neck, to help support the skin and keep it from sagging.


For your jawline, try ‘chin ups’. Start by moving your lower jaw forward, so it’s sitting in front of your top jaw. Then let your bottom lip come up to cover your top. You should feel a stretch along your chin and jaw. Hold for 15 seconds and then relax, letting your jaw go back to normal. Repeat this 15 times daily.


For your neck, try neck rolls. Start sitting with your back straight, looking straight ahead. Slowly tilt your chin down, then rotate your face to the right-hand side, up to the ceiling and then down to the left in a circular motion. Repeat four to five times a day. These exercises help to stretch and tone the muscles in your neckline, ensuring they stay toned and strong.


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Never miss your neck and décolletage out when you’re doing your skincare routine. This area is very delicate, and if it’s been neglected in the past it’s even more important that you care for it well. Use your facial cleanser (not shower gel) to wash this area, and apply your facial moisturiser too. Your neckline and décolletage may not produce as much oil as your face, or have makeup that needs removing at the end of the day, but it’s still exposed to pollution and environmental stressors. Make sure your neckline gets the tlc it deserves to help keep it soft and smooth and firm.

Sun Protection

People often forget that this area needs protection from the sun just as much as the face does. The sun damages collagen and exacerbates the ageing process so it’s really important to keep your neckline protected. Using sun protection will preserve as much of that precious, firming collagen as possible. Not only will it help to keep your neckline defined, sun protection will also help to prevent pigmentation, which is another unwanted sign of ageing that’s very common in this area.

Radio Frequency Treatment

If your neckline is already starting to lose definition, help is at hand. A course of SkinBase Radio Frequency Treatments, followed by monthly maintenance, will help to tighten and contour your neckline. Radio Frequency works by increasing the skin’s natural collagen production, as well as realigning elastin fibres. These two together provide the structure within the skin, and as we age they become less dense, which is what causes the lack of definition so common to the neckline. After Radio Frequency, the skin of the neckline becomes flooded with new collagen, and the elastin fibres are tightened, which means that previously slack, sagging skin is firm, smooth and plump again.

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