How to fight frizzy hair, head on

Does humid, wet weather wreak havoc with your hair? Changes in humidity levels, central heating and air conditioning can all cause the dreaded frizz. So if you long for groomed tresses, these techniques and tips will help you to achieve the sleek look you crave.

Does drizzly, humid weather wreak havoc with your hair? Changes in humidity levels and rain, as well as central heating and air conditioning can make each hair strand reshape and expand. So, if you refuse to give in to the dreaded frizzy hair and long for groomed tresses, these techniques and tips will help you to achieve that sleek look you crave.

Rehydration is key

To set your frizzy hair up for the week ahead and reverse any damage you may have already done, try adapting a new routine on a Sunday and use a pre-shampoo treatment or hair oil. Simply apply the product onto dry hair from the tips up to mid length, massage it in and leave on for a minimum of 20 minutes. If time is on your side, leave it on for up to an hour.

Time to nail your technique

Try not to wash your hair too much as essentially you will lose the natural oils which help to hydrate and nourish. Washing hair just two or three times a week, especially during the winter when the central heating is on, should be enough. As well as considering how much you wash your hair, you should also think about the shampooing technique. For best effect, shampoo hair using your fingertips, and apply and massage to the scalp. While this will clean your hair and scalp, it will also leave the dry mid-shaft to the ends of your hair in better condition. As the water and shampoo rinses over the ends of your strands, it will lift away any environmental debris or styling products, and the bonus is, it won’t cause further dehydration.

Try a nourishing hair mask

One of the easiest ways to rehydrate frizzy hair is to swap your conditioner for a nourishing hair mask. Use it in the shower and leave the mask on while you wash, so it has time to get to work.

Blow-drying can work wonders

This might sound a little strange, but blow-drying your hair will actually prevent frizz, whereas leaving it to dry naturally could make it worse as it leaves your locks free to soak up the humidity and expand. Blow-drying on the other hand smoothes and closes the cuticle. Try using a heat-protection spray and don’t leave the hair damp. Use a blast of cold air towards the end of your blow dry to ensure the cuticles are fully sealed.

Invest in hair oil

I used to avoid hair oils as I felt they made my hair greasy and lank but there are some amazing ones on the market now which are lightweight and won’t weigh down fine tresses. Oil is perfect as it can penetrate further into the hair follicle to smooth and hydrate. It’s a must have product! Zhuravets