February Voting – Transformation 2023

It’s February Voting time! Our February entries are all in, and it’s time to choose your winners to go through to the competition final.

It’s February Voting time! Our February entries are all in, and it’s time to choose your winners. Two of this month’s entries will be going through to the Transformation of the Year 2023 final, and you get to decide our Public choice winner. If you haven’t already – have your say over on the SkinBase Facebook Page. Let’s take a look at some current favourites.

February Voting – Public page

Over on the SkinBase Facebook Page, there’s lots of liking and sharing going on as everyone gets involved in the February voting. Microdermabrasion is popular this month, with a pigmentation transformation and uneven skin tone before and after battling it out.

February Voting

Beauty Within by Laura

Laura tackled her client’s pregnancy melasma with 9 sessions of SkinBase Microdermabrasion. She had suffered with the dreaded “pregnancy mask” following each birth, and after her last child it never faded away. The client was very self conscious as a result, and decided to try microdermabrasion.

“My treatments have been great. I knew going into the sessions that I may not see results as my melasma is quite stubborn. As we’re nearing my last session I can honestly say that I’ve seen a difference. I have a couple of sun spots that are lighter and the melasma above my lip (which is my main concern) is not as noticeable. The sessions are quick and easy. No down time. Overall my experience has been amazing from the 1st session down to my last session. My skin looks amazing and feels healthy. Although we were focusing on the melasma the overall feel and condition of my face is beyond my expectations that I mentally had. I’ll miss my Thursday morning sessions with Laura! I can’t wait to try some of the new treatments that she’s offering.”

February voting - microdermabrasion for 'pregnancy mask' melasma pigmentation

February Voting

Breathe Beauty

Another fabulous Microdermabrasion transformation in the February Voting. SkinBase Therapist Jade treated her client with 3 Microdermabrasion treatments to achieve Client Testimonial: ‘I’ve always suffered with an uneven skin tone and I’ve never really taken care of my skin until now. These treatments have definitely helped to clear my skin and give it a boost’

February voting microdermabrasion for uneven skin tone

If either of these entries have your vote, don’t forget to have your say over on the SkinBase Facebook Group!