Diet for Acne – the best and worst foods for skin

With the right nutrition and some small daily swaps, you can master your diet for acne and have clearer skin. Find out how!

When tackling acne, there is lots of advice out there about how to help your skin at home. A big area of discussion is often the best diet for acne. If you’re looking for foods that help acne and want to know which foods to avoid for acne, you’ve come to the right place. With the right nutrition and some small daily swaps, you can master your diet for acne and have clearer skin.


Diet for Acne – 

Omega-3 Fatty Acids – 

Foods which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids have been known to give skin an almost instant glow. This includes flax seeds, walnuts and salmon These amazing food work to reduce inflammation too; so will minimise any redness and make any blemishes less noticeable. Adding flaxseed to your smoothies is a simple and quick way to boost your omega-3 intake.


Vitamin C and E packed foods – 

Vitamin packed food is very important in achieving your clear skin goals. The best way to achieve a daily dose of vitamin C is by adding oranges, melons, strawberries and tomatoes into your daily diet for acne. These foods will help activate healing, boost your immune system and strengthen your cell walls. Therefore, irritated skin will be soothed and acne scarring prevented. Foods rich in vitamin E, such as almonds, nuts, soybeans, eggs and leafy greens, are also really important for protecting your skin from scarring. Olive oil is also very rich in Vitamin E so use it to cook or drizzle over a salad to get a super speedy fix of goodness. 


high water content diet for acne- 

Keeping the skin hydrated is key in the battle against acne. Water rich foods, such as cucumber and watermelon, will help to keep your skin plumped, and free your system of toxins. Therefore, a good diet for acne should include lots of those water rich foods. Making sure your body stays hydrated is one of the best things to do for acne prone skin. 


Antioxidant filled foods – 

Antioxidant rich foods are brilliant for giving your skin a big boost of goodness. Berries, cherries, green tea and spinach attack free radicals in your body that cause skin damage and breakouts. Eating a handful of berries is a yummy way to add antioxidants into your daily food routine.


Does Chocolate cause Acne?

There is limited evidence to suggest that chocolate causes acne. While some studies support the idea of chocolate consumption as an acne trigger, it is not a proven fact. The reasons why chocolate may affect the skin are also unclear. One proposed reason for the potential negative effect is the high sugar content in some chocolate bars. But – does sugar cause acne?


Diet for Acne – Sugar?

Though more research is necessary, some scientists believe a low-glycemic diet for acne is the best way to minimise breakouts. When foods with a high sugar content are consumed, blood sugar levels rapidly raise. This contributes to increased inflammation in the body, which then may trigger an acne breakout. Blood sugar spikes also trigger insulin levels to rise, which make androgen hormones more active. As a result, excess sebum is produced, contributing top clogged pores and acne. Therefore, a healthy, balanced diet for acne is the best way to keep skin happy.