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Decrease Stress and Anxiety – Improve your skin

Stress and anxiety are commonplace concerns in modern society and our current situation is adding to those feelings of anxiety. Unfortunately, stress really isn’t great for our skin or our health. Dealing with your stress and anxiety can really help you to see an improvement in your skin. We know it’s not just as simple as deciding to do it, so we’ve compiled some of our best tips for getting a handle on your stress.

Make a list

Break it down into a list. If you have a big list of things to do that is leaving you feeling overwhelmed then we recommend you prioritise them in order of importance and immediacy, create a new smaller list for the day and tackle them one at a time. 

Get organised

Feeling organised can really help you feel less anxious, whether this is a tidy house, being on top of the washing, sorting out money concerns or setting some tasks for homeschooling.

Keep a diary

Keep all your appointments written down in one place. This will help you to feel in control and get rid of that feeling that you have forgotten something. Do this at night as well if you need to it will help you get to sleep more easily. Whatever is on your mind, write it down or note down a ‘to do’.

  • Cut yourself some slack. It’s easy to work yourself up into a state when you’ve got a long list of things to do. Accepting that you can’t do it all will help.

And ultimately, don’t be afraid to ask for help – If you are feeling so overwhelmed, stressed and anxious that you are finding it difficult to cope then reach out, to family, a friend or even a medical professional. People are generally happy to help but most of us are so good at looking like we’ve got it all under control they don’t even notice we are struggling.

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