Collagen Lift vs HiFU for Ageing Skin

Collagen Lift vs HiFU for Ageing Skin. They are both similar treatments, using heat to rejuvenate the skin – but which is the best for you? 

Collagen Lift vs HiFU for Ageing Skin. They are both similar treatments, using heat to rejuvenate the skin – but which is the best for you?


Collagen Lift

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High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HiFU) has many uses in medicine, and is growingly popular as a facial treatment to minimise signs of ageing. During treatment, a handset emits fractional ultrasound energy into the skin in short bursts. The energy goes deep into the skin, reaching the SMAS layer – a tissue sheet of collagen and elastin fibres and fat cells. Once within the skin, the ultrasound energy heats up the tissue to a temperature that stimulates collagen production. The increased collagen tightens and firms the skin for a healthier appearance.

Collagen Lift

The SkinBase Collagen Lift treatment uses radio-frequency energy to turn back the clock on the skin. An experienced SkinBase therapist uses a ceramic handset across the skin to deliver waves of radio-frequency energy. Similarly to HiFU, the radio-frequency energy heats up the deepest layers of the skin to stimulate collagen production. The elastin fibres within the skin realign due to the heat, for an instantly tightened appearance. The collagen boost plumps the skin to minimise visible signs of ageing on the skin. The Collagen Lift treatment feels like a relaxing hot stone massage, and is not painful or invasive.


Collagen Lift vs HiFU – which treatment should you choose? Both treatments use energy deep within the skin to heat the tissue and stimulate collagen production. To make a decision, you must consider your skincare goals, and your priorities when choosing a treatment. Though both treatments are non-surgical and non-invasive, following a HiFU treatment you may notice swelling and redness on the treatment area, and a tingling sensation may persist for a few weeks. After a Collagen Lift treatment, your skin may feel tight and have a mild redness, which will subside within 36 hours. If you are looking for a treatment with minimal risk, the Collagen Lift may be preferable.

Collagen Lift vs HiFU

The ultrasound energy emitted by the HiFU handset is delivered precisely into areas of the skin. The fast, circular motions of the Collagen Lift handset results in a bulk-heating technique across larger areas. The Collagen Lift system can be tailored to specific clients and their heat tolerance. However, the HiFU system can not be tailored, so may cause discomfort for some clients.

The energy delivery also affects clients based on their skin concerns. The HiFU treatment is better suited to clients with skin laxity, not fine lines and wrinkles, due to the depth of the tightening effect. Collagen Lift uses energy in two ways during treatment; one to reach the deeper layers and lift and tighten and the other to work superficially to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, whilst also triggering collagen production and improving skin laxity. A treatment plan that combines Collagen Lift and HiFU may be the best way to maximise results and achieve a youthful skin rejuvenation.

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