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Collagen Lift Facial Transformation

Our SkinBase therapists have been toning, firming, and contouring client’s skin this month with Collagen Lift, and achieving some fantastic results. As a bonus, they’ve also been entering their clients’ before and after images into our Transformation of the Year competition, giving each of them a chance to win a Caribbean holiday. Let’s take a look at some of the Collagen Lift facial transformation entries battling it out to be crowned the winner for August, and getting one step closer to that sunny beach.


Collagen Lift Facial Transformations

LOTUSSKINUK Collagen Lift facial Transformation


6 x Collagen Lift Facial Treatments

This fantastic entry from Michelle at Lotus Skin shows exactly how the Collagen Lift facial treatment refreshes and rejuvenates skin. The client’s fine lines and wrinkles have been totally smoothed and are much less visible. Her skin has been plumped and hydrated, and she has a SkinBase glow! The client felt so relaxed and comfortable while having the treatments, and whole heartedly recommends them. She also said: “I was excited to try this treatment as I’ve heard a lot about it. I agreed to a course of 6 Collagen Lift treatments. The effect on my lines have been amazing. I look in the mirror and feel younger!” 

If you also want to feel younger when you look in the mirror, find out more about Collagen Lift here.



Collagen Lift Facial Transformation

Another brilliant Collagen Lift facial transformation from Morgan’s Beauty Therapy – who has already been voted the monthly winner three times this year. There is no stopping her fabulous before and after’s, as you can see. Her client is 70 years old, and the SkinBase Collagen Lift treatment has really turned back the clock on her skin! The client felt totally at ease during the treatment process, as Morgan had talked her through everything she needed to know. Now her course is complete, she looks and feels so much better. She added: “I have noticed visible firming around my jawline and my jowls look less hanging! My cheeks look plumper and smoother. I remember wearing a beautiful dress once and somebody told me I looked a million dollars, this is exactly how Collagen Lift has made me feel! Thank you.” 

If you want to achieve a youthful transformation like this, find your nearest SkinBase Therapist here.

THEBLISSFULBEAUTYCOMPANY collagen lift facial transformation


6 x Collagen Lift Facial Treatments 

Last but not least, this fabulous Collagen Lift entry from Ruth at The Blissful Beauty Company. Particularly focused on the fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, Ruth has done an excellent job reducing their appearance and transforming her clients skin. It is evident that the clients collagen production has been boosted as her skin is firmer, and her lines less deep. The client did not expect to achieve the level of results she has, and loves that the treatment is non-invasive but works so well. She says it has done wonders for her self esteem.

Find out more about what Collagen Lift can treat here.  

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