Celebrate Galentine’s Day with MD Mani-Pedis

Galentine’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate female friendships with a pampering Skinbase treatment session.

Gather your gal pals and plan a special get-together on February 13th. The day before Valentine’s Day – known as Galentine’s Day – is the perfect time to celebrate female friendships with a pampering session. What better reason to get together and catch up? You don’t have to limit yourself to one gal pal! Bring your core group together for a few hours of fun, pampering and relaxation.

Pamper Together

Chat with your friends while treating your hands and feet to a SkinBase Mani-Pedi. This is a great way to freshen up your extremities after the colder months. With our SkinBase MD machine you will be treated to the ultimate Manicure or Pedicure. Hard dead skin is sloughed away and the old debris is sucked up leaving hands and feet soft and smooth.

MD Manicure

Hands are one of the first areas to show ageing – no wonder Madonna wears gloves! Age spots and dry skin on hands are common. Enjoy a little luxury and see results with our MD manicure. MD will exfoliate and rejuvenate dry skin – it also stimulates collagen and reduces visible ageing of hands. Absorption of hand cream is maximised afterwards for hand-care at home. Your gal pals will love it too.

MD Pedicure 

Hardworking feet have been hiding in shoes throughout Autumn and Winter. Now is the perfect time to get them Spring-ready.  What better excuse than Galentine’s Day to get them in shape while spending some quality time with your gal pals? MD pedicure sloughs away the hard winter skin build-up to reveal the soft smooth skin underneath. The results are beyond a regular pedicure and you get time to catch up with your gals.
Hand and foot care isn’t only important during summer.  Aim to keep them in tiptop condition all year round … with Galentine’s Day you can make it a social event too!

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