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Treating dark circles

Can You Really Improve Dark Circles?

Dark circles are a common undereye problem that can affect your confidence. There are several remedies for eliminating this concern, but can you really improve the appearance of dark circles? Dark undereye circles occur where the skin is very thin, allowing the pigment underneath to show through. External factors like sun exposure, dehydration, a lack of sleep and poor diet can also contribute to dark circles.

Treating dark circles

Improving your dark circles from the inside is one of the best methods to boost your appearance. Drinking lots of water, stopping smoking and reducing the amount of salt you eat are just some things you can try.

Using skincare

Using an eye cream can be highly effective in treating dark circles. Those featuring antioxidants and peptides are the best to use. These can also help to reduce puffiness and tired eyes.

Using makeup

Using makeup is a temporary fix but it’s great for hiding any imperfections. A colour correcting concealer is the first step to consider. A peach or red toned concealer will help to disguise dark circles. You can then follow with a traditional brightening concealer to lighten the area. Simply apply in a V shape under the eye and blend out with a sponge or brush. You could also try mixing a concealer with a brightening moisturiser like MAC’s Strobe Cream to enhance radiance. Your overall eye makeup should flatter your complexion without making your eyes appear tired. A light coloured eyeshadow will help to brighten your eyes, while a white or flesh-toned eyeliner applied to the bottom lash line will help to detract from dark shadows. Avoid using too much mascara or brow powder as these can emphasise undereye shadows.
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