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Bikini Bottom in Six Weeks

A Bikini Bottom in Six Weeks with Radio Frequency

Do you feel a sense of dread as you’re booking a holiday somewhere sunny? Feeling self-conscious about baring all in a bikini? You’re not alone, it’s natural to worry about whether you’ll look good in your swimsuit, especially if you’re booking a holiday just after a cold winter of covering up. But there is a solution, we’re here to help you get a bikini bottom in six weeks.

Radio Frequency is best known as the ‘Facelift Facial’ thanks to its firming, lifting and smoothing benefits. But it isn’t just for your face! Radio Frequency is a fantastic body treatment too. It penetrates deep into the tissue to stimulate collagen production and realign elastin fibres for contoured, lifted and tighter skin. It’s the perfect treatment for giving your bottom, hips and thighs a boost before an exotic, sun-soaked holiday by the beach.

What is it?

Radio Frequency is a revolutionary, non-invasive and pain-free treatment that actually stimulates your body’s own natural collagen renewal, and realigns elastin fibres to firm and contour your skin. Rather than implanting or injecting anything into your body, Radio Frequency encourages your body to do it by itself, for great results without a lengthy recovery time.  You can see results from the very first treatment and will enjoy increased improvements with every subsequent session.

What will it do?

Radio Frequency will work in three ways to give you the perfect bikini bottom. Firstly, it breaks down cellulite, meaning your skin will lose that ‘orange peel’ appearance and look smooth instead.  Second, Radio Frequency helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, something many of us feel insecure about when swimsuit season comes around. Thirdly, it targets lax, or sagging skin. This is, unfortunately, something most of us experience, whether through ageing, weight loss or genetics. Radio Frequency will leave your bottom looking lifted and tighter right away, instantly tightening the elastin fibres within the skin.

What makes it better than other procedures?

Injectables and fillers can actually damage your muscle tone, especially when used over long periods of time. But by stimulating your body’s own natural healing processes, Radio Frequency actually improves your muscle tone. This makes it a healthy and sustainable option for improving the appearance of your skin. The results of injectables and fillers may last for three to four months, but improvements from Radio Frequency can be seen for up to two years. As an added bonus, SkinBase Radio Frequency is also needle and knife free and has no downtime after treatment, making it far more convenient!

When should I start?

We advise a course of Radio Frequency treatments once a week for six weeks, or twice a week for three weeks. Results are seen immediately and improvements in the skin for up to three months. Because it’s pain-free and non-invasive you don’t need to worry about recovering between treatments, making it a really convenient and inexpensive option compared to other cosmetic treatments. Contact us right away to find your nearest therapist; book your treatments now for a body confident start to your summer.

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