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The benefits of Prosecco – we’re not going to argue!

We all deserve a treat

With Valentine’s Day not too far away we thought we’d give everyone a good reason to fill their glass guilt free by sharing the benefits of prosecco. Ok, so obviously we like to promote healthy living, but we all deserve a treat don’t we?

If like us, you enjoy a glass or two of an evening or at the weekend, then let us present to you; the benefits of prosecco.

Yes, that’s right, the benefits.

Everything in moderation is fine in our opinion and that includes a drink. So whether your Valentine’s plans involve a Romantic meal for two or a night out with your fellow singletons, you can rest easy that there are some health benefits to be had. Seriously.

The benefits of prosecco

Amongst those rapidly flowing bubbles in prosecco are flavonoids. Flavonoids have antioxidant properties, which stop the production of free radicals that can be harmful to the body. The polyphenols (extracted from plants) in prosecco can help increase circulation and reduce blood pressure.

Word also has it that ladies who enjoy a glass or two of bubbles can enjoy a heightened sexual desire. This is down to the antioxidants in the drink which encourage nitric oxide production in the blood. This helps to relax the artery walls and increase the blood flow down into… well, ahem, you know where we are talking about, don’t make us spell it out. Have a great Valentine’s Day!

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