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lockdown skin

Are you suffering from lockdown skin?

You might have had the chance to give your skin a breather during lockdown. The chance to wear less makeup and get more sleep if you have been at home more. So why then is that not translating to great skin? A few factors could be affecting your skin condition and causing lockdown skin.

Stressed skin

Uncertain times are making people stress and worry and those dastardly stress hormones can cause your skin to produce more sebum. Too much sebum makes skin more oily and prone to breakouts.  Make sure you stick to a good skincare routine. Always remove makeup if you are wearing it at the moment and use a toner and light, hydrating moisturisers. Our SkinBase skincare pack contains the essentials, you can get it here. Exercise will also help to lower stress levels, make sure you are getting out for your daily exercise, a brisk walk can do wonders for your mood, even if you don’t feel like it initially you’ll be glad you did.

Poor eating habits and more alcohol 

We are all guilty of this I’m sure and it’s hard to stick to a healthy eating routine when the rest of your routine has gone out the window. We’re stuck at home and the cupboards beckon, we’re spending more than ever stocking up on snacks to avoid having to nip to the shop like we are used to. Swap burgers and sausages for oily fish like salmon and mackerel on the BBQ this weekend. Try to limit the snacks and look for healthy alternatives to reduce sugar intake. Sugar is known to cause inflammation which can lead to breakouts. Low calorie, low sugar alcoholic drinks can help limit the impact alcohol has on skin think G&T. Remember, it’s really dehydrating too, so alternate with a glass of water to keep hydration levels up! 

Less Vitamin D

We are all being limited to how much time we spend outside and this means less vitamin D which is important for our skin. Take a supplement if you’re not getting enough and make sure to try and get outside in the garden over the bank holiday this weekend. Enjoy and stay safe, hopefully lockdown skin will be behind us soon! 


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