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Exfoliating Too Much

Am I Exfoliating Too Much?

Here at SkinBase, we love exfoliating, but it must be done properly to be able to get great results. After all, our award-winning microdermabrasion facial is an exfoliating treatment that can work wonders and brighten up your beautiful face. But it’s vital that you look after your skin and don’t over-exfoliate. 

You can, in fact, exfoliate your skin too much and your skin could be trying to tell you in ways you don’t even know. There are a few ways that your skin may be screaming out at you to calm it on the exfoliation. Here are a few signs that you are exfoliating too much:

  • Irritation
  • Sensitivity 
  • Redness
  • Inflamed skin
  • Dry and flaky skin

Of course, these could be signs of other skin complaints, but if you are prone to exfoliating too much for your type of skin, chances are, that’s the cause. 

How Often Should I Exfoliate?

How often you exfoliate your precious skin is entirely down to your skin type and the routine that it’s used to. Sensitive skin should not be exfoliated every day with products. Instead, break up the routine by washing with warm water and a gentle face wash. 

Skin that’s a bit tougher could potentially be exfoliated every day, as long as it can cope with it and you don’t end up with a dry, red and sore face. 

What Type of Exfoliators Are There?

Exfoliation works by stimulating new cell growth by removing the cells your body is no longer shedding. There are two main types of exfoliation methods.

  • Physical exfoliants are usually scrubs or beaded face washes and remove dead cells through friction.
  • Chemicals such as salicylic acid remove dead skin cells by dissolving the ‘glue’ that binds them to other cells.

However, you must always remember that if you undergo a course of SkinBase microdermabrasion, you shouldn’t exfoliate in any other way for the recommended period of time.


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