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acne skin care

Acne Skin Care: Choosing your skin care routine

When it comes to our skin, prevention is always better than a cure. If you have acne-prone skin, following a simple but effective acne skin care routine on a daily basis is a great way to keep the skin healthy. Ensure you know your skin type, and choose skincare products accordingly.  

Skincare for Acne Prone Skin – 


Thoroughly cleansing the skin twice a day is the first step in an effective skin care routine for acne. Clogged pores are one of the main causes of acne breakouts. The best way to combat this is to gently cleanse any dirt, bacteria or impurities off the skin day and night. If the temperatures are high or makeup is used, a double cleanse at night is recommended to fully rid the skin of any traces of bacteria. Don’t forget – skincare doesn’t end at the jawline and the neck needs it too! The SkinBase purifying gel cleanser is great for the colder months, while summer skin thrives with the SkinBase exfoliating cleanser with AHA.  


Even with the double cleanse at night, dirt, debris and excess oils can still cling to the skin and block the pores. Toner is a great back up defence for acne-prone skin, and should be included in an acne skin care routine. With the viscosity of water, toner is a great product for hydrating skin, removing excess oils. Ensure no dirt is remaining after cleansing with a quick tone. Depending on the cleanser used, toner can also rebalance the skins pH level, providing a perfect base for further skin products. The SkinBase soothing toner, which contains vitamin B5, helps the skin retain moisture and prevents irritation and inflammation.  

Moisturiser and SPF 

Keeping the skin moisturised and protected from the sun is a key aspect of skincare for acne. If acne prone skin has excess oils, it may seem counter intuitive to add a hydrating layer on top. However, moisturiser helps to replenish the hydration loss due to cleansers, active ingredients and acne treatments. It also provides a protective barrier for the skin, to lock in all the acne skincare goodness already applied.  Though they can be used separately, a combined moisturiser and SPF is a great way to limit the layers of product going onto the skin; therefore, ensuring the risk of clogged pores remains low. A common myth suggests sun exposure is good for acne prone skin care. However, the risks that sun damage pose heavily outweigh any temporary benefits for the skin. The skin should always stay protected with SPF30+. The SkinBase Daily Repair and Protect cream with SPF30 is a great product to add to an acne skin care routine.  

Acne Skin Care – Professional Help

If you have active acne and are not sure where to begin with skincare, asking a professional can help. Your skincare routine may need extra steps. E.g. in the form of medicated products from your doctor, or a regular facial from your skincare therapist.  

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