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5 Ways to make sure you wake up with better skin

What happens when we sleep? How can we go to bed feeling fairly radiant (OK, perhaps radiant is the wrong word) and wake up looking older and more haggard? Whilst it would be perfect to get the full 8 hours of restful slumber, sometimes it’s simply not possible. In fact, sometimes it’s rarer than a unicorn sighting. We can’t promise you’re going to wake up looking like Heidi Klum, or start adding an extra selfie to your Instagram account with the hashtag #iwokeuplikethis, but hey, every little helps…

1.) Drink a glass of water before bed

One of the easiest ways to wake up with more radiant, luminous, beautiful skin is to simply drink more water. A glass of water before you go to bed will make sure you wake up feeling fresh and hydrated. Your skin does a lot of repair work at night so make sure it has plenty of water for the process.

2.) Silk pillowcases

Those cotton pillowcases are just no good for your skin, they can even cause wrinkles! Do your skin a favour and switch to silk and make sure you are changing your pillow regularly too. We recommend every other day.

3.) Choose a cream with retinol

It’s important to only use these at night but retinols are amazing for skin and can help to diminish dark spots and boost collagen production. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully and build up use of these types of creams.

4.) Invest in a humidifier

Winter here in the UK can often leave skin feeling dry and flakey as humidity levels drop. Humidity is to do with the moisture content in the air, the less moisture the lower the humidity and the drier the air will feel. There are lots of inexpensive options for humidifiers on the market now and they can be really great for your skin to keep it hydrated over the winter months.

5.) Microdermabrasion

You won’t even have to wait until the next morning to reap the benefits of this skin rejuvenating treatment. Although it’s quite often the morning after that people wake up with that SkinBase glow (Your skin gets to work making new collagen and as we know it’s busy doing repair work at night). Watch the years melt away as crystals gently exfoliate the dead skin from your face. Find your nearest therapist now.


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