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Microdermabrasion for Hyperpigmentation & Blemishes

Book a course of SkinBase microdermabrasion treatments and watch blemishes and hyperpigmentation fade away from your skin.

Safely Remove Unwanted Facial Pigmentation Blemishes

The SkinBase Facial™ was designed as a skin pigmentation treatment and can therefore vastly improve the appearance of facial hyperpigmentation and skin blemishes.

Reasons for facial pigmentation (and elsewhere on the body) vary from over exposure to the sun, the use of oral or birth control pills, pregnancy and even chemicals found in certain perfumes, soaps and shampoos.

Regular microdermabrasion treatments are proven to show significant benefits as a skin pigmentation treatment, working on sun-damaged skin and to help remove unwanted facial pigmentation blemishes.

Why Microdermabrasion for Facial Pigmentation & Facial Blemishes?

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The SkinBase Facial™ is an extremely effective treatment for facial pigmentation and facial blemishes and will help to significantly reduce the appearance of both to leave your skin looking smoother and clearer.

  • Progressive rather than aggressive treatment – each session reaches deeper into the skin to lift facial pigmentation
  • Obvious smoothing of the skin
  • Can be used on any skin tone from light to dark
  • Whilst pigmentation on the face is the most common concern, SkinBase can treat numerous areas on the body
  • Provides effective, visible results from the very first session
  • Skin is left feeling smooth and youthful with the added benefit of reducing skin blemishes

The SkinBase Facial is a great treatment for pigmentation. However, the final result and the number of treatments required depends on a number of factors including the type of lesion, skin type, the degree of sun tan, size and depth of the pigmentation and the location being treated. Your SkinBase therapist will advise you on the number of treatments you will need during your initial consultation session.

After having your microdermabrasion treatment, it is important to wear a high factor sunscreen as your face will have layers of protective skin stripped back. Take a look at the SkinBase videos to see how others benefited from the SkinBase Facial as a pigmentation treatment to remove facial pigmentation and skin blemishes.

Further Information on Facial Pigmentation & Skin Blemishes

Microdermabrasion can help with pigmentation such as age spots, melasma, chloasma and lentigo. However, it may be difficult to completely erase these skin blemishes and it can take up to a maximum of 20 treatments to help reduce the look of these conditions. This is more than the normal course of treatments recommended for other skin complaints.

Your SkinBase therapist will be able to advise on whether your pigmentation or skin blemishes can be treated effectively through microdermabrasion and the best course of treatment.

Pigmented blemishes can be caused by numerous factors including genetic predisposition, sun damage, injury, irradiation and hormonal changes.

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“The SkinBase Facial™ is a proven skin pigmentation treatment. When Chris decided to undertake a course of The SkinBase Facial™, she was looking to reduce the pigmentation on her face and neck whilst also hoping to smooth some fine lines on her face. After 8 weeks, the results of the SkinBase treatment for pigmentation was incredible – the face / neck pigmentation has almost completely disappeared and Chris’ skin is smooth, youthful and radiant – a really fabulous and uplifting story.”
Zoe Ball
Zoe Ball

Before and after microdermabrasion

Hanna Slater

Hannah Slater - before microdermabrasion treatment


“To say it was a shock to get melasma at just 24 is an understatement. My confidence dropped significantly and I became fixated that people were looking at the pigmentation on my forehead”

Hannah Slater - after microdermabrasion treatment


“After just four treatments there was a really big difference and now after six it’s completely gone. I now recommend The SkinBase Facial™ to everybody.”

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