Radio Frequency has been used for many years in the medical field to help heal broken bones. Unexpectedly they found it could be used to do a whole lot more. Consult your nearest therapist to find out what Radio Frequency could do for you.

Most people believe that Radio Frequency is just a facial treatment but that’s not the case. Radio Frequency can be used to treat a great number of areas and conditions over the body. So, what does Radio Frequency treat?

Common Treatment Areas Include:


Below are some of the conditions suitable for Radio Frequency Treatments


Radio Frequency for Acne Scarring

Radio Frequency Treatments can be remarkably effective for acne scarring. Look forward to clear, smoothed, healthy, glowing skin in just a few weeks of treatment.


Radio Frequency for Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Noticeable after just one ‘fine line busting’ treatment, radio frequency treatments leave wrinkled skin looking noticeably smoother after just one treatment.


Radio Frequency for Skin Laxity

Skin laxity is unfortunately something that happens to thousands of people, whether it is a result of ageing, weight loss or genetics. Radio Frequency instantly tightens the elastin fibres leaving skin looking tighter and lifted from the very first treatment.


Radio Frequency for Cellulite

Radio Frequency effectively works to break down cellulite causing fat cells meaning it is fantastic at treating the dreaded ‘orange peel’ so many of us battle with.


Radio Frequency for Stretch Marks

Stretch marks affect thousands of people, regardless of age or situation. radio frequency treatments target the problem area, stimulating elastin and collagen to get rid of stretch marks.

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