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Who is Intense Pulsed Light For?

The SkinBase IPL has proven effective on almost all skin types.

The SkinBase IPL can be used for a wide range of treatments making it an option for all skin types of all agesPigmentation, unwanted hair, thread veins, acne or improving general skin tone and fine lines, are just a few of the treatments available with the SkinBase IPL.

Some less advanced IPL systems can only be used on a limited amount of skin types but The SkinBase IPL has been clinically proven to work on almost all skin types except very dark skin.

Unlike other IPL systems The SkinBase IPL system allows the practitioner to fine tune the settings to suit specific skin and hair combinations and obtain the best results possible.

Your SkinBase IPL practitioner will carry out a comprehensive consultation and patch test and advise you of the results you can expect to achieve. Use our guide below to see what skin type you are before your first consultation.

What is your Skin Type?

As part of your consultation the therapist will assess your skin type based on the Fitzpatrick Scale. The Fitzpatrick Scale is a numerical classification for skin colour. It was developed by a Harvard dermatologist in 1975 to estimate the response of skin types to ultraviolet light.

ivory skin

Type I – Ivory

Pale skin, light or red hair, prone to freckles. Burns very easily and rarely tans.

Type II – Beige

Fair skin, likely to have light hair, blue or brown eyes. Some have dark hair but still have fair skin. Usually burns but may gradually tan.

Type III – Light Brown

Light olive skin with dark hair and brown or green eyes. Burns with long exposure to the sun but generally tans quite easily.

Type IV – Medium Brown

Brown eyes and dark hair. Burns with very lengthy exposure but always tans easily.

Type V – Dark Brown

Naturally brown skin, brown eyes and dark hair. Burns only with excessive exposure to the the sun. Skin easily darkens further.

Type VI – Very Dark Brown

Black skin with dark brown eyes and black hair. Burns only with extreme exposure to the sun.Skin very easily darkens further.

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